Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ubuntu Linux RDP Windows

How to setup remote desktop to open ubuntu desktop from windows.


Detailed Steps:

On Ubuntu version 11.04
1. Click Windows + R on keyboard or the top left most ubuntu button.
2. In the search windows type, "remote"
3. Click on the first icon, "remote desktop"
4. Click on "Allow other users to control your desktop" and choose all options under Security and enter a seperate password for additional security.
5. note down the ip address that is displayed.

On Windows or any other machine which supports VNC standards,
1. Download TightVNC from,
2. Install only Desktop Viewer and not the server if you only want to control other ubuntu desktops and not to use the windows machine as a server.
3. Run VNC Viewer and enter IP address and click connect
4. It will ask for the password, enter the one tht was set above.

Connection should be established.

To open a windows desktop using RDP from a ubuntu using the "terminal server client" already installed as part of ubuntu 11.04

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