Monday, June 20, 2011

MOSS 2007 search crawler Stopping / Crawling / Crawling Full

Users are complaining that new documents added to SharePoint platform are not being returned in the search results.

Search content source crawler is in Crawling/Crawling Full or Stopping state.

1. Run the following command on all the Query and Index server one at a time and make sure that there are no errors.

net stop osearch
net start osearch

2. This command does not drop the search index.

3. After this command has executed correctly on all servers then the content source status should be set to Idle and it will start again as per its regular crawl schedule.

The real reason behind why the the crawl stops intermittently is still not determined in our environment. Also we are looking at options to monitor crawl status either using MS SCOM 2007 or writing custom code so that admins are alerted when crawls do not complete in acceptable amount of time.

Some quick links that may help. Please note that some of the steps may actually drop existing search index or call for creating a new SSP,

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