Monday, January 16, 2012

Upgrade Project Server 2007 sites to 2010.

Process to upgrade Project Server 2007 sites to 2010.

1. Make sure project wss site is in an isolated databases. If not, backup and restore site collection to different content databases by using a seperate temp web application.
2. Backup content dbs and project server databases from SQL Server (SP2007)
3. Restore content dbs and project server databases on SP2010/PS 2010 SQL server 
4. Run Mount-SPContentDatabase or add-contentdb commands for SharePoint content databases only, upgrade and attach SP content databases to project web application.
5. Create a new project web access site using Project service application management page,
    - Make sure you enter the same name of the site url which got upgraded in step 4.
    - Enter 4 Project server database names and create pwa.
6. Run Bulk project site update to fix project workspace link issue.

1. If you have project workspaces in your project server 2007 implementation remember to keep the same relative path name when you perform step 1 above.
i.e. /sites/projectworkspaces should be restored to temp web app and then upgraded to SP2010 as /sites/projectworkspaces and not with any other name. However for the pwa site name it may take a new name that needs to be restored.
2. Do not perform backup and restore of project workspace site collection to move between database for isolation. If you do it, the ID of the site changes and then Step 6 will not work as it performs an ID match to relink the pwa to the workspace sites.

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