Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SP2010 Alert Nightmares

Scenario: Existing alerts on SP2007 sites upgraded to SP2010 after changing web application host name stop working.

Solution: This post from Shane is the solution,

Remeber to first run the powershell script from technet, 
and then use the script provided above by Shane to fix the issues from MS script.

After running the script from technet check the [SiteUrl] column in the [ImmedSubscriptions] table in the content database where your site collection resides to make sure it points to the right host web application host name. If it does not then the alerts are simply not triggered. Also make sure the Outgoing email settings are enabled.

Even after configuring all the above sometimes alert emails are not sent for new and SP2007 migrated alerts. Here are some more steps to troubleshoot.
1. Find the database which stores the site collection data.
2. Run "select * from timerlock" against that database
3. Get the GUID of the Server (LockedBy column) who is supposed to execute all timer job activities for this site collection.
4. To map the GUID to user friendly server name run the following powershell,
Get-SPServer | Foreach-Object { Write-Host $ $_.Name}
5. Make sure this server is allowed to relay emails in your network.

Some of the points to check if alerts are working on some site collections but not on others,
 - Outgoing email settings on web application
 - Allow smtp relay from all servers(where SPTimerv4 is Started) in your farm.

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